Home-Grown Cannabis Ban Challenge


I’m shining a light on a ban that denies Manitobans the right to grow cannabis for personal use.

The Federal Government legalized recreational cannabis on October 17, 2018, including the right to grow up to 4 recreational cannabis plants in your own home.

Manitoba and Quebec decided to not follow in the rest of Canada’s footsteps and prohibited their residents from growing personal recreational cannabis plants.

Manitoba took it one step further with a $2,542 fine for those caught growing.

On September 3, 2019, Quebec Superior Court Justice Manon Lavoie ruled Quebec’s ban of home-grown cannabis for personal use was unconstitutional.

This left Manitoba as the only Province unchallenged on this front, until now.

After months of research and diligence, I aligned myself with one of Manitoba’s top law firms. We’ve spent a lot of time building this strong case and we are ready for the long game.

I have just filed a Constitutional Challenge against the Manitoba Government’s ban on home-grown recreational cannabis this week.

This ban has restricted my ability, and that of all Manitobans, to potentially save money by growing, responsibly storing, and consuming personal home-grown cannabis.

One cannabis plant takes approximately 3-4 months to grow and can yield upwards of 100 grams. It’s Federally legal to grow up to four plants. That means Manitobans could be harvesting over 400 grams every 3-4 months when grown properly and responsibly.

As stated on the Government of Manitoba’s website, “There is no limit in a federal or provincial Act as to the amount of dried (or equivalent in non-dried) non-medical cannabis that can be in a person’s possession within the home. However, growing non-medical cannabis at home is prohibited in Manitoba.”

This means that you can legally store an unlimited amount of legally sourced cannabis in your home.

Currently, the only legal source of cannabis in Manitoba is in retail stores where you can pay upwards of $15.00 per gram after taxes.

If this challenge is successful it will give Manitobans the option to attempt to reduce their cannabis consumption costs.

Manitobans could utilize the warm months to grow outside and/or grow all year round inside. They could then store all of their harvested cannabis responsibly and pull from this stash for their personal use. Cannabis will remain fresh and usable for 6-12 months if stored properly. 

I am prepared to take this case to the Supreme Court if needed, but I need your help.

Please Support me through my GoFundMe page. All proceeds will go towards legal fees required for the constitutional challenge. Any excess funds will be donated equally to the following Manitoba Charities:

Winnipeg Harvest

Manitoba Metis Heritage Fund

Habitat for Humanity Manitoba

Thank you so much for your support!

Contact me at Jesse@tobagrown.ca

Let’s Grow Manitoba!!!

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